Commercial Establishment Solar Power Systems

When you have a commercial establishment, you need a reliable electricity system that supports growing energy needs without increasing your electricity bills. Having one of the highest electricity tariffs in the world, it is not advisable to rely on Australian grid for commercial establishments. Having a reliable and self-sustaining source to cope up with your energy needs along with keeping the rising electricity costs under control can seriously contribute to your business growth prospects. As one of the leading solar energy service providers with CEC membership, we offer complete solar solutions for commercial establishments of all scales. Having served hundreds of businesses across Australia, we have successfully managed to provide an effective solution to electricity problems through our quality products, long-term warranty and hassle-free installation.


Solar Panels

Solar Panels are an arrangement of solar cells mounted in a frame and covered with glass. It is also known as Solar PV Modules. Solar Galaxy’s great range of quality solar panels can help you get off the grid and start saving money.


Solar Inverter

A solar inverter, or converter or PV inverter, converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel into a utility frequency alternating current (AC) that can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local, off-grid electrical network.


Solar Batteries

A solar battery is simply a battery charged with energy from solar panels. There are lots of types – tiny to utility scale. Solar batteries work by storing solar energy. More choice of batteries mean a better solution tailored to your home.


  • Tier 1 Panels

    We only use certified Tier 1 Solar Panels manufactured by the best in the business.

  • 10 Years Warranty on Installation and Workmanship

    We are so confident in the components supplied and the professionals installing them that we offer a Lifetime Warranty on the workmanship.

  • Active Monitoring Gives Peace Of Mind

    Faults happen. Rely on the power of our patented algorithms to accurately detect and diagnose faults, failures or underperformance.

  • Solar is a No Brainer

    Add that most solar systems have 2-5 years payback and by investing in a solar system you will produce your own electricity under 10 cents per kWh(LCOE)

  • Best price guarantee

    Solar galaxy gives you best price guarantee. If you find any cheaper written quote with same products then we will beat it further by 5%.

  • 100% Australian Owned And Operated

    We are proud to be fully Australian owned and operated.

  • Platinum Ac Battery Ready Inverter

    All inverters are AC battery ready and if you invest in a hybrid inverter then it will be DC battery ready as well.

  • See The Results

    Most solar inverters we use come with Wifi monitoring and will let you monitor your solar production remotely using cloud based softwares on you Mobile phone, Laptop or PC.

  • After sales support Guarantee

    We will take all your after sales enquiries and issues very seriously as we want a long term relationship with our customer based on mutual trust.

  • Referral Bonus

    If you refer a friend who goes ahead and installs solar with us, we will give you a $100 referral bonus for each referral if they install with us and pay for the system in full.

Our Sales & Service Commitment

  • Engineered Commercial Solutions

    We are equipped to provide, install and deploy Engineered solar systems ranging from 30-100 kW for commercial establishments of all scales.

  • Certified Installers

    We take pride in the excellence, expertise and experience of our team.

  • Best-in-Class Performance, Certified

    All solar panels we use come with standard 10-12 years warranty and 25-30 years performance warranty.

  • Turn Key Installations

    With our commercial System we will give you a Turnkey price and service.



Small Home

90 x 330 = 29700W Tier 1 Panels
1 x 30 KW Solis Power Inverter
Tier 1 Solar Module
High Efficiency Solar Module



Medium Home

152 x 330 = 50160W Tier 1 Panels
2 x 25 KW Solis Power Inverter
Tier 1 Solar Module
High Efficiency Solar Module



Big family Home

303 x 330 = 99990W Tier 1 Panels
3 x 30 KW Solis Power Inverter
Tier 1 Solar Module
High Efficiency Solar Module