Solar Battery

Which Solar Batteries are Best?

Solar storage is now far more affordable and a number of leading manufacturers offer batteries as part of their range.The batteries themselves can be mounted on the wall or floor-standing and can range in size from units which are similar to microwaves all the way up to refrigerators.The storage capacity will vary from 1kWh to 14kWh with most homes only needing one battery

Trinabess Battery

TrinaBESS or ‘Trina Battery Energy Storage Systems’ are the energy storage company of Trina solar, a largest manufacturer of solar panels. These storage systems are suitable for both off-grid and on-grid systems. The various systems are designed for many applications in residential, commercial and utility scale battery storage from 4 kWh up to a huge 2 MWh capacity.

BYD Battery

BYD is the largest manufacturer of lithium ion battery in the world with over 16GWh of production capacity. It has 17 years experience in manufacturer of batteries. It has many key features High energy output, high energy density, Good performance in high temperature, safety and Eco-Friendly

XSOLAX Battery

SolaX Power offer a variety of products for residential, commercial and industrial solar applications, including Pv system inverters, hybrid inverters , as well as solar batteries and battery cabinets. It has many key features the batteries Lifespan of up to 4,000 cycles, Operating temperature of -10°C to 40°C, Highperformance, user friendly and 5 years warranty.

Pylontech Battery

The Pylon Technology lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) batteries were some of the first modular lithium based batteries available which enclosed both the lithium cells and battery management/control system in a simple rack mounted unit.The warranty is for 5 years and specifies 80% EOL capacity or 60% EOL capacity. It has some key features higher efficiency, higher cycle life, Lower impact on the environment and onger warranty available.

We have a combined experience of more than 10 Years in the Australian Solar Industry
We have a combined experience of more than 10 Years in the Australian Solar Industry


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